time I heard her say this, the confused look on my face probably looks much like yours right now. She went on to explain that finding the pearl means to find the positive moment in each day, a pearl amongst the ugliness of the oyster’s meaty innards.  What moment made that day worth living?

So where do I find my pearls? More often than not, my pearls grow out of the sense of community created in my classroom.  Each time a student is perched at a table, helping a younger student with his or her math. Each time a student stands up for a quiet peer. Our bonds our strong, but we have so much more growing to do.

This blog serves as a view into a middle school alternative education program and how its teacher and students strive to find the positive in each and every day. In sharing this with my “online” colleagues as well as colleagues in close proximity, I hope to be able to help my students be the outstanding citizens that they are capable of doing.  Please join my on my journey and support the efforts of our one room middle school program.


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